Toothbrush Campaign

Grottoes hold what we call Toothbrush Campaigns at least once a year to collect money for the Humanitarian Foundation. The Humanitarian Foundation of the Grottoes of North America helps with free dental services for children with special needs.

The Toothbrush Campaign concept started at Ormazd Grotto when several Prophets got together to collect money in front of Publix supermarket. They thought it would be appropriate to include a toothbrush as part of the items to hand out along with flyers about the Foundation. Furthermore, giving out colorful toothbrushes to children not only is fun for them but also encourages good dental hygiene and this goes along with our charitable purpose.

The concept was adopted by the Supreme Council of Grottoes of North America and now every Grotto in the Realm incorporate Toothbrush Campaigns as part of their fundraising activities for the Humanitarian Foundation. The Foundation provides plenty of colorful and individually-packaged toothbrushes to hand out at the events.

Participation at the Toothbrush Campaigns is not limited to members of the Grotto. Their ladies, children and friends can also participate. At Ormazd, we always award those who work the campaigns with Enchanted Lanterns. It is a win-win for all.

Come and help us raise funds for the Humanitarian Foundation by participating at our next Toothbrush Campaign!