Suggested Dress for Southeastern Grotto Association

Thursday Necrology, Men – Business Casual, Jacket Optional, no Jeans.  Bring your fez.  Ladies, Spring Casual, no Jeans

Business Meetings Friday & Saturday – Business Casual, Grotto Shirt and Slacks, Jacket Optional no Ties and no Jeans.  Bring your fez.

SAK Comedy Lab – Casual, whatever you want to wear, so long as it’s legal. 🙂

Saturday Ladies Museum Tour – casual

Studio 54 Party – This is a costume party, come in your favorite 70’s outfit, or dress as your favorite celebrity that frequented Studio 54.  No, white dinner jackets, this will be a costume event.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Director General Phil Moffses at 407-222-5310.