Ormazd Grotto Oct 7th Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather


Due to the impending weather associated with hurricane Matthew, We will not be having the Grotto meeting scheduled for tomorrow night. Please attend to your property and personal safety and that of your loved ones and pets. I pray that we weather this storm unharmed and with minimal loss. If you need help in any way, please do not hesitate to call me.

Craig Frazier,
Chief Justice – Ormazd Grotto
(913) 957-7651

Ormazd Grotto to participate at Reel in 4 Autism

The 1st Annual Ron Bisson My790AM “Reel in 4 Autism” to Support Pals and their families


FACT: Autism affects thousands of children in Lake County, and shows an alarming growth rate of between 6 and 15% every year. According to CDC statistics, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism. Autism is a lifetime disability.

FACT: Children with autism benefit greatly from socialization and activity. (So do their families!) PALS seeks to optimize social opportunities so that these individuals with autism are integrated into the local communities as contributing members of society.

FACT: WLBE’s Ron Bisson has a long history in Central Florida of raising awareness (not to mention money) for a list of charitable causes, including an annual six-figure amount for Orlando’s Ronald McDonald House.

Ron has turned his philanthropic interests toward Cards and Pals at the University of Central Florida, and with the support of the Leesburg and Lake County civic and governmental agencies, is hosting the First Annual “Reel in 4 Autism”. This event allows business leaders in Leesburg/Lake County the opportunity to:

 Show their support of a great cause

 Directly interact with hundreds of guests on this ground-floor opportunity


When: October 29, 2016

Where: Venetian Gardens, Ski Beach-201 E Dixie Ave, Leesburg 34748

What: Family Fishing Fun Day and Picnic

Alona & Family Show Appreciation to Ormazd Grotto

At a stated meeting of Ormazd Grotto M.O.V.P.E.R. on Friday, Sept. 4th, OLENA “ALONA” VALENTINA TURRI who is the granddaughter of our Past Monarch Jim Dickenson, along her parents and little brother and Jim’s wife treated the Grotto to supper.  It was a home cooked meal of chicken & yellow rice.  Alona was adopted by Jim’s daughter on December 14, 2015.  With the help of Ormazd Grotto, Alona had her teeth fixed. Also, she has had open heart surgery.   The next thing she will have fixed is the limp in her right leg and right hand which will be done by the Shriners.  There is no better joy and sense of ‘being’ than to be able to witness the progressive happiness of a child and know that you played a part in creating that happiness.  Thank you Alona for making our evening a bright and cheerful one!

L-R: Jim Dickenson, Alona, Dary Spangenberg, Randy White, Ted Hammond and his grandson Cody, Phillip Moffses, Ken Mueller and Pedro Arroyo

L-R: Jim Dickenson, Alona, Dary Spangenberg, Randy White, Ted Hammond and his grandson Cody, Phillip Moffses, Ken Mueller and Pedro Arroyo