Ormazd Grotto Hosts Ceremonial for the FSGA at the Grand Lodge of Florida’s Annual Session

On May 27, 2019, we welcomed 19 new Prophets at the Florida State Grotto Association’s Ceremonial held at the Grand Lodge of Florida’s Annual Session – Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL.

Ormazd Grotto provided the scenery, audiovisual equipment, costumes and props. Additionally, our Master of Ceremonies, Andres Sylva, coordinated the entire effort with other Prophets from Florida. Our monarch, Manny Lozada, opened and conducted the tyled meeting. The Ceremonial began promptly at 7:00 pm and it was very well attended by many Prophets from all over the Realm. Thanks to all who participated in making the Ceremonial a success.

Prophets, welcome to the Realm!

Suggested Dress for Southeastern Grotto Association

Thursday Necrology, Men – Business Casual, Jacket Optional, no Jeans.  Bring your fez.  Ladies, Spring Casual, no Jeans

Business Meetings Friday & Saturday – Business Casual, Grotto Shirt and Slacks, Jacket Optional no Ties and no Jeans.  Bring your fez.

SAK Comedy Lab – Casual, whatever you want to wear, so long as it’s legal. 🙂

Saturday Ladies Museum Tour – casual

Studio 54 Party – This is a costume party, come in your favorite 70’s outfit, or dress as your favorite celebrity that frequented Studio 54.  No, white dinner jackets, this will be a costume event.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Director General Phil Moffses at 407-222-5310.